Bling Life

Thought 2018 students from across the Edge are working towards the development of an interactive museum exhibit.

The young curators project is challenging photography students, to step up and showcase the image making skills.

The brief:

Create a unique product shot inspired by Flemish still life painting.
Your image must incorporate and style a range of jewellery and other relevant high status objets that you feel represent modern youth culture. The image you create will feature in the upcoming Young Curators exhibition.

  • Things you must include:
  • An array of jewellery, chains, rings and other objects can included. Also consider mobile phones, watches and vapes etc
  • you should approach and interact with other young people at the collage to encore you get a range of styles of objects.
  • Create a lighting set up that uses a dominant Key light to represent window light. This will help bring introduce texture and interesting highlights to the set up.
  • Utilise rich fabrics such as velvet to help shape the image. Try adding folds in the cloth as will create more drama and depth to your image.
  • Style it, by developing a contemporary twist to a classical format. Stuck for ideas? try duplicate an existing pantings but replace the objects with contemporary versions.
  • Remember to shoot in Raw! to give you flexibility in post production. you may also find shooting tethered helps.

  • Things you could try:
  • incorporate a dark or monotone Background to help contrast the reflective jewellery elements.
  • Research Rembrandt and window lighting technique’s. ( Pinterest is a good place to start )